Because every dog family is unique, we offer a variety of classes for dogs and their humans.

Assembly of the Wandering Shepherd is a 100% volunteer-based nonprofit organization. Classes or other services you pay for supports our pet grief and end-of-life services that we always provide for free. It’s a win/win; you get to participate in some awesome canine instruction while providing others with the care and compassion they need while going through a tough time. We are SO thankful for our students who trust us with their dogs and our grief clients who trust us with their hearts.

Group Classes

Group classes have 3 - 4 students in the classroom at the same time. These classes run approximately 55 minutes, once a week, for six weeks. $195

Private Classes

Private classes follow the same curriculum as the group classes but there is only one (occasionally two) dogs in the classroom at the same time.  These classes run approximately 30 minutes, once a week, for six weeks. $250

Private Lessons

Private lessons are lessons geared specifically to your goal(s). These lessons are 30 minutes each. We meet when it’s convenient for you, as often or as little as you want, and work on specific behaviors. $75 each or $200 for a package of 3.*

Some options for Private Lessons:

Good Manners/Basic Obedience

Puppy Fitness/Intro to Agility

Adult/Athlete Conditioning & Fitness

Senior Fitness

Weight Loss Coaching

Tricks Training

Canine Good Citizen Prep and Evaluations

Therapy Dog Prep

*Private lesson packages expire 90 days after purchase


All assessments include in-person observations and a written assessment.

Therapy Dog Assessment: We meet in public where our trainer can observe your dog engaging in the behaviors expected in therapy dog work. 30 minutes - $75

Senior Dog Assessment: We meet in your home where our trainer will look throughout your home to assess if there are things the humans can do to make their senior dog safer and more comfortable as he or she ages. 1 hour - $100

Canine Fitness Assessment: This is a full fitness assessment created in conjunction with the University of TN’s School of Veterinary Medicine. This includes the first month of a fitness training plan designed for you and your dog. 2 hours - $250

Canine Conditioning and Olfactory Fun Circuit

The Canine Conditioning Circuit and Olfactory Fun “mini-lessons” run approximately 20 minutes. Only one dog is allowed in the classroom at a time. $25

The Canine Conditioning Circuit is a fitness course designed in such a way that your dog will work all three planes of motion as they navigate the course. Our Certified Canine Fitness Trainer is in the room to help with spotting or coaching the dog team through the fitness challenge. Walks/runs on the canine specific treadmill can be done at this time.

Olfactory Fun dogs will also have a course created unique to their skill level and needs. We can add searching for specific odors and/or free work to this time.


Workshops are special education events sometimes including dogs and sometimes for humans only. Time and prices vary. Look for the following workshops to show up on our Class Schedule throughout the year:

Animal Assisted Interventions Evaluation Prep

Pet Partners Therapy Animal Handlers Workshop

Volunteering with your Pet

Kong stuffing party

PVC equipment building

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