Assembly of the Wandering Shepherd

Love and Science

Working Together

We all love our pets, and there are science-based practices we can adopt to add longevity and happiness to their lives.

Assembly of the Wandering Shepherd

is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that

believes all living creatures are imbued with aspects of the divine; as such our mission

is to promote the human-animal bond by teaching animal guardians the skills they need to support

health & wellness, and to reduce pain & suffering in all creation.

Animal Classes

We teach a variety of classes for pets and pet guardians.

Some of our classes:

therapy animal preparation,

canine olfactory fun, and canine fitness fun

A German Shepherd Dog sitting in front of a wheelchair.
A dog looking for treats with their head in a cardboard box.
A poodle standing on a Klimb.
The Shadows of a human and a dog. The dog is looking at the human.

Pet Bereavement

We start grieving the loss of our pets the moment they get sick or start feeling the effects of aging. The emotions this loss, or impending loss, creates are immense. Sadly, much of our culture has yet to grow comfortable talking about the issues that come with death.

Here at Assembly of the Wandering Shepherd we know that the loss of a pet, whether they have fur, feathers, or scales, is traumatic. We understand that this loss is equal, if not greater than, the loss of some humans from our life.

Whether you would like to talk privately with our Animal Chaplain, or if you’re looking to talk about your experiences with a group of people, we are here to help you with all the feels and questions that surround the loss of a pet. The love shared between a human and an animal casts long shadows over our lives, let’s share those shadows together.

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